Client Experience Manager.

At Populum, we strive to go above and beyond in supporting our client organizations realizing the full potential of Populum. To us, acquiring a new customer constitutes a starting point of an opportunity to exceed expectations, more than anything else.


This important mission lies with our Client Experience team. As the number of organizations choosing Populum grow, we are now looking for our new Client Experience Manager. In this position, you will be a central player in our quest to create outstanding customer experiences – both for our current customers like Electrolux, Pfizer, SCB, Peab, KICKS and J.Lindeberg – and well as for new customers in our expanding client base.


Role description

As Client Experience Manager, you will be the main responsible for a portfolio of our customer organizations, supporting them in continuously extracting the maximum value of Populum. At the same time, you will be a key player in shaping and developing our Client Experience processes – and what it means to be a Populum customer.

As the Client Experience team is our “ears to the ground”, you will also be highly involved in our product development, making sure that every new feature aligns with our customers’ needs.

Specifically, you;

  • are an expert in your client organizations, what they do, and how they are structured, which allows you to be their trusted advisor, and help them use Populum in the most efficient way, foresee any potential challenges and interpret any ambiguous information or requests that you may encounter
  • are the stethoscope monitoring your clients’ needs, challenges and desires, and therefore an important part of our product development, making sure that our next feature fits our customers’ needs and allows them to extract even more value from Populum
  • are the single point of contact for the clients in your portfolio, which encompasses responding to questions, inquiries and requests related to Populum and their usage of the service, and proactively monitoring, caretaking and planning their Populum life
  • often find yourself, merging and / or refining data, e.g. when generating an analysis for a client, optimizing organizational data in our database or preparing a launch of a new client organization
  • are a Populum superuser, knowing every corner of our platform inside out, and – as you are also an integral part of our product development – any soon-to-be-released functionality, which allows you to find creative solutions to any request or need
  • will initiate and drive various projects for enhancing our customers’ experiences (e.g. setting up an AI support chat bot?), improving our service in general (perhaps you are eager to see Populum translated to some new language?), or any other project that will bring Populum forward
  • will – as our team grow – have the opportunity to assume a leading role in our company’s journey – for instance by managing the Client Experience team or in some other role that you may be gravitating towards



We believe that our next Client Experience Manager may come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Perhaps you are a business controller with a passion for large organizations, people and / or leadership? Or an HR professional with an aptitude for data and technology? Or a management consultant with the ability to create really crisp and impactful PowerPoint slides? Perhaps you are neither or, but just great at learning new things, and curious about trying something completely different and taking the next step in your career? Either way, we believe that it could be advantageous to have:

  • talent / experience in handling data, some solid Excel skills (no need to count VBA macros to fall asleep though), and the persistence to sometimes spend hours refining a data set
  • analytical strength – and the ability to generate insights from large amounts of data, and deliver those insights in elegantly packaged reports
  • an attention to details, and the ability to detect and mitigate errors on-the-fly without losing sight of the big picture
  • a genuine interest in organizations, what they do, and what makes them unique – as a great way to exceed customer expectations is to be unexpectedly proficient in their reality and lingo
  • fluency in Swedish and English, especially in written communication, and an ability to communicate complex matters in a structured and easily interpreted way to our clients (and with a friendly tone even when it is the fifth time you explain the same matter that day)
  • an inherent dedication to going above and beyond to make a client happy – and the problem-solving mindset (and / or persistence) required to do so


What we offer

As part of Populum, you will:

  • get the opportunity to help large organizations boost employee engagement and drive continuous micro-improvements of their employees’ workplace experiences, via their use of the Populum platform
  • be an important part of a young, fast-growing tech start-up, and – even more importantly – a group of people aiming for having a blast while doing something they are passionate about
  • have a high level of autonomy and flexibility, and the opportunity to make a big impact both in our own company and in our client organizations
  • be based in our awesome office in the heart of Stockholm (with a wonderful view of Hötorget) – naturally with the flexibility to also work elsewhere at times
  • enjoy competitive compensation (salary + pension + stock options program) and grow professionally in an environment of ambitious, talented colleagues while having lots of fun on our company conferences, getaways and after works


Does this sound like you? Apply by sending an email to [email protected] (subject: “Client Experience Manager”). We like keeping it simple, so no need to include a formal personal letter. Feel free to include your CV, a link to your LinkedIn profile or any other attachment that you believe supports the fact that you are the right person for the role.

We will review applications continuously, and aim to fill the position as soon as we find the right candidate. For questions about the role, please reach out to hiring manager Marcus Edlund (Populum COO) at [email protected].

By submitting your application through email to us you consent to us processing your personal information in accordance with GDPR.

Does this sound like you?

Apply by sending an email to [email protected] (subject: “Client Experience Manager”). We like keeping it simple, so no need to include a formal personal letter. Feel free to include your CV, a link to your LinkedIn profile or any other attachment that you believe supports the fact that you are the right person for the role.