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Continuous improvement is in our blood. We believe it is the best way for organizations to develop and grow, and it starts with involving the employees who are closest to the daily work. Here, we share our best advice for different applications, depending on your current needs and interests. Learn from our clients, blog, webinars, and help center.

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Learn how leading organizations use Populum. They leverage it for different objectives, and their feedback is that Populum:

1. Creates value by:

  • Identifying pain-points proactively
  • Improving a dynamic understanding of the organization
  • Strengthening engagement across the organization
  • Providing a big-picture view for HR and senior management
  • Enabling decentralization and sharing of responsibilities
  • Providing quick evaluation of the improvement measures taken
  • Removing administrative work from HR
woman standing up at a table smiling and two men sitting down at the table
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2. Drives customer satisfaction by:

  • Being a reliable partner
  • Offering a transparent process
  • Providing flexible surveys
  • Ensuring ease of use for the entire organization
  • Providing great customer support
  • Delivering accessible and easy-to-understand analysis
  • Offering continuous product development


Be inspired by tips and ideas, guides, interviews, and thought leadership on topics such as employee engagement, neuroscience, modern employee survey, leadership, inclusion, organizational culture, eNPS, AI in HR, employee experience, self-leadership, employee well-being, employee performance, and more. We aim to inspire and help you succeed in developing leaders, empowering employees, and growing successful organizations.

Are employee surveys really anonymous? 

Are employee surveys really anonymous? 

Anonymity in employee surveys is required for it to serve as a sustainable improvement process. While it is expected, not all employee survey software enforces anonymity.   Why should employee surveys be anonymous? Ensuring employee anonymity is the most fundamental...


In Top Voice webinars, you will learn about different HR-related topics from industry thought leaders. We interview them and pick their brain on current themes. While we do not talk much about Populum in the Top Voice webinars, you get a better understanding and can pick our expert’s brain in our product webinars.

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