A smooth and powerful way to take the temperature
of your organization

Continuous employee surveys that are simple, engaging and based on the most recent science. 

A smooth and powerful way to take the temperature
of your organization.

Continuous employee surveys that are simple, engaging and based on the most recent science. 

english populum pulse survey on an iphone
english populum pulse survey on an iphone

For leaders, HR, teams and employees

What value will be experienced by the organization?

Business leaders and HR

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Drive improvement everywhere:

Simply put: “What gets measured gets done”. Populum is a powerful way to establish focus on your most important topics and keep everyone moving in the desired direction.

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Get real-time transparency:

Learn where your attention is needed the most right now. This allows you to prioritize your resources effectively.

For teams

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Keep track of the development:

Get a fact-based picture of how the team is feeling right now. Facts enable you to act early on potential issues – and to celebrate your victories.

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Team dialogues made simple:

Data in itself does not generate improvement. Every manager gets a practical ready-to-use team meeting presentation in 1 second – along with the most recent results, recommendations and discussion guidelines

For employees

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Share your feedback in just 30 seconds:

Time is valuable. We promise smooth access and quick participation – no matter who or where you are.


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Be part of the change:

Every employee plays a role in shaping a positive team spirit. Learn what you can change to improve for your team – and take charge of your own situation.

Guided tour

in the Populum platform

Powerful analytics hub

Instant ready-to-use analytics

Forget about the old way of manually analyzing data. Select your ready-to-use insight from the automated library in a matter of seconds.

User-friendly with easy access

Easy-to-use and easy-to-access for everyone. HR superusers get full access. Employees get access their own team dashboards.

Constant evolution

Discover new insights about your organization month by month. New automated features are continuously made available in the library.

One-click team meeting PowerPoint

Save time for your managers

With Populum, managers get to spend less time on admin and more time on fact-based decisions.

Automated guidelines to drive action

Practical guidelines and recommendations on how to drive real improvement from the results. Perfect for production and sales & service organizations.

Beautifully designed

Branding in your own visual identity improves recognition and adoption. As part of your enterprise onboarding, our tech & design team will customize your report delivery.

Understand the details

External benchmarking

Learn how your organization compares with your industry.

Internal benchmarking

Easy and quick prioritization: See what’s great now and what needs to be fixed now.

Trend response

Stay in control by quickly spotting and responding to the most significant changes within your organization.

Personal reflection dashboards (private!)

Keep track throughout the year

How am I doing right now, compared with how I have felt during the past year?

Compare with team

What are my individual strengths, and where do I have the greatest improvement potential?

GDPR = My data, my right

To stay GDPR compliant, you must provide every employee the opportunity to access his/her personal data.  Stay compliant with Populum in a safe an practical way.

The user experience

Intuitive and engaging design

A modern feeling and smooth participation to boost and sustain high response rates.

Positive psychology to trigger constructive feedback

We never ask “why is this bad?”. We focus on the positive and ask “how can this be improved?”. This is how it becomes practical for the teams and managers.

Local question language = Inclusion

Global companies use Populum in over 20 languages. Local language is key to ensure inclusive participation, especially in production organizations.

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