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Meet & Greet with Peab

Peab moved away from traditional surveys to SMS-based pulses for 16,000 employees

Peab, a leading Nordic construction company, has been internationally awarded for their leadership development initiatives. Being a highly decentralized organization, they partnered with Populum to get a light and agile way to drive team-level improvements in all their local projects.

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Stories from the reality

Perstorp kept track of covid-19 response throughout Corona crisis

As Coronavirus swept across the world in 2020, no businesses was left unaffected. Perstorp – a global chemical giant – quickly decided to use Populum to stay on top of the covid-19 crisis in all countries.

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Vattenfall increased focus on safety and engagement

At Vattenfall, thousands of field-based employees perform tasks in critical environments every day. The well-being and safety of the employees have always been a priority – but the leadership team wanted to go even further. Supported by Populum’s mobile-friendly SMS pulses – the results went from great to exceptional.

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Kongsberg kept track during the integration of Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine

Most transformations fail due to lack of follow-up. When the Norwegian industrial company Kongsberg acquired a Rolls-Royce division, they wanted to be proactive and ensure a successful integration. Partnering with Populum, they kept track of the key employee experience metrics throughout the transformation.

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Linköping kommun boosted their eNPS to 80 points

Linköping is one of the largest cities in Sweden, and home to several leading universities. Partnering with Populum and Hej Engagemang – an employee engagement consultancy – the public housing division Stångåstaden boosted their eNPS to a stunning 80 points.

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Electrolux implemented a new global culture focusing on the team

Electrolux launched Teamship, a new culture focusing on the team. Electrolux successfully ran introductory workshops for 30,000 employees globally. Then they connected Populum as the digital instrument to systematically drive the improvement of the 4 new key behaviors. Populum enabled Electrolux to run a customized setup with tailored manager guidelines and recommendations – delivered in 20+ languages.

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Meet & Greet with Dustin

Dustin improved leadership and engagement index by 30%

For Dustin, a leading Nordic ecommerce retailer, it was not enough to measure employee engagement once per year. They needed a light and agile way to drive micro-improvements every 2 weeks. With Populum, the employees became part of the journey and their results suddenly improved.

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Meet & Greet with Ambea

Ambea improved work environment and well-being at 800 locations

For Ambea, the largest care provider in Northern Europe, the well-being and engagement of their 25,000 people strong workforce is key to their success. In Populum, they found a flexible partner who made it possible to drive local improvements across multiple countries, brands and businesses – in all 800 locations.

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