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Measure your employee experience and the health of your organizational culture. Uncover insights, gain advice on powerful improvement actions, and increase well-being, engagement, and performance.

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Your people at their best

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Empower your people to perform

Performance goes hand-in-hand with well-being and engagement. With the Populum platform, you know your employees’ current status and involve the entire organization in continuous improvements. Take effective action on what is most important to increase your people’s well-being and engagement.


Unleash the strength of your culture

Enable your people to reach their full potential by ensuring your culture empowers them to perform. Using the Populum platform, you can measure your culture regularly at a high-level or in-depth and gain important insights and recommended effective actions.

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circle, light bulb, heart on wooden wall

Unleash the strength of your culture

Enable your people to reach their full potential by ensuring your culture empowers them to perform. Using the Populum platform, you can measure your culture regularly at a high-level or in-depth and gain important insights and recommended effective actions.

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Ensure your transformation efforts are successful 

Still today, most transformation efforts fail. A critical part of succeeding is ensuring people take ownership and live the change. When you measure how your people experience your transformation initiative in the Populum platform, you know what works well, how to re-direct focus, and where to add support.

Benefits across the organization

Simply put: “What gets measured gets done.” Use a science-based approach to focus your people on the most important areas and keep the organization moving in the desired direction.


Ensure people share constructive input, take part in improvement efforts, and celebrate successes.


Allow each person better to strengthen and manage their self-leadership.


Know where you need to prioritize your time to support teams and leaders to realize their full potential.


Give your leaders insights about the main opportunities teams currently face and make it easy for them to drive the necessary change.


Provide your management with automatic insights about the status of your organization’s selected focus areas.

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Modern, user-friendly, and intelligent

The Populum Employee Survey platform is built using modern technology and design, powered by artificial intelligence, and based on the most recent management research, organizational psychology, and neuroscience.


Know the current organizational status with data automatically and instantly analyzed.


Automated and user-friendly insights and predictions


Make every team and individual part of your improvement journey.

Dialogue engine

It is not about collecting the data but about starting the correct dialogue for change.


Based on the latest neuroscience, management, and psychology research.

Human touch

We care about you, your employees and leaders, and your organization’s success.

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Johan Geidin
Johan Geidin
Johan Geidin
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Leverage your modern employee survey to win in the war for talent

Today, the younger generations push for a different work environment. While a desire for change existed before Covid-19, the pandemic escalated employees expressing their expectations, and a record-high number of people left their jobs. Though a natural development, the new expectations bring challenges and demand organizations to change to attract and retain talent. Recruits Jonas Olovsson as Chief Revenue Officer to Accelerate Growth

Stockholm, March 10th, 2023 – Populum, a Nordic leader in employee surveys, has recruited Jonas Olovsson, former Head of Sales at &frankly. As of March 27th, Jonas Olovsson will assume the newly established Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) role at Populum. Sponsors the Swedish Championship in Employer Branding

Stockholm, January 26, 2023 – Populum, a Nordic leader in employee surveys, sponsors the Magnet Awards Swedish Championship in Employer Branding. Each year, the Magnet Awards organizes the competition where employers' best projects that strengthen the employer brand are evaluated and awarded. Populum sponsors the contest, specifically the Culture & Engagement category, this year. Strengthens and Focuses Leadership Team With Key Recruitment

Stockholm, January 17th, 2023 – Populum, a Nordic leader in employee surveys, has recruited Johan Geiding from Dustin Group to join its executive team. As of January 17th, 2023, Johan Geiding assumes the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Deputy CEO of Populum. celebrates 100,000 users by donating SEK 100,000 to Vi-skogen

Stockholm, December 16, 2022 – To celebrate 100,000 users in the platform, Populum, a Nordic player in HR tech and employee surveys, donates SEK 100,000 to Vi-skogen. The donation means 4,000 trees are planted through Vi-skogen, helping people in East Africa overcome poverty and improve the environment.

Do you know that you work with inclusion in the right way?

Inclusion is a critical factor for every team to reach its full potential. Teams that succeed in increasing the sense of inclusion have been shown to generate a perceived improvement in team performance, the quality of their decisions, and their collaborations. Inclusion is also central to retention.

4 Strategic Applications of AI-Based Comment Analytics

Organizations often encourage their employees to write free text comments in employee surveys. These comments can prove a gold mine as they provide the manager with context to the measurement result and encourage and facilitate the critical team dialogue.

4 Strategic Applications of AI-Based Comment Analytics

Many managers, senior leaders, and HR leaders spend a lot of time understanding the well-being of employees and what may be in the way of performance. There are several ways you can work to understand your employees. Here are five tips for when using a modern employee survey as a tool to continuously track and know the employee experience:

Why It Is Important to Regularly Understand the Employee Experience

Anna Tebelius Bodin, brain expert, keynote speaker, and educator, explains - through the lens of neuroscience - why it is important to understand employees' experiences and what positive effects it has.

The Top 8 Tips for Ensuring Valuable Insights From Your Employee Survey

Insights from an employee survey can create great value for leaders and HR, and the entire organization, including the employees themselves. For the employee survey measurement to deliver valuable and useful insights, the eight best tips are to:

The KTH Royal Institute of Technology Awards Populum the Contract to Implement Their Modern Employee Survey

Receiving the highest quality score of all ten employee engagement technologies assessed during the evaluation process, Populum, a Nordic leader in employee experience insights, is awarded the multimillion kronor contract with the KTH Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

From Comprehensive Annual Action Plans to Continuous Agile Improvement Work

SJ changed its way of working and increased its understanding of the employee experience, simplified the managers' feedback to the team, and included employees in taking responsibility for continuous improvement work.

Populum Partners with CatalystOne to Offer Customers a Modern Employee Survey

Populum, a Nordic leader in employee experience insights, and CatalystOne, an HCM systems provider, have entered a partnership where Populum powers the Employee Listening module in CatalystOne’s human capital management solution.

The 13 Main Problems With the Annual Employee Survey and What to Do Instead

The need for organizations to manage the employee experience and well-being more frequently is rapidly increasing. This shift is primarily driven by our world changing faster with organizations following suit and new, evolving expectations of the younger generations. In today’s work environment, collecting input once a year is problematic, specifically because:

Ambea's Teambarometer - For an Active Workforce

Ambea's most important resource is its employees. Employee engagement and participation are crucial for employee and workplace well-being and the organization's results. To know their current employee experience, they use their Teambarometer every six weeks. The correlation between more responses in the Teambarometer and higher employee engagement and participation is clear.

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