How to begin using AI tools and work smarter

by | Apr 24, 2024

What AI tools increase your work effectiveness the most?

Watch the recording of a dynamic webinar with Johannes Sundlo and Johannes Midtbö. In an era where AI tools flood the market, the challenge for HR professionals is not just about adopting technology but choosing the right tools that significantly elevate efficiency, decision-making, and productivity. This session aims to simplify the AI selection process, guiding you through the maze of options toward the most effective solutions for your HR operations.

Sundlo and Midtbö delve into the significance of AI in transforming HR practices, spotlighting their personal picks for AI tools that promise real impact. This webinar is your pathway to understanding how AI can transform everyday HR challenges into strategic advantages, empowering you to work smarter and more data-driven. You will leave with actionable insights on integrating AI into your HR toolkit, ready to harness its potential for a more productive and insightful future in HR.


Johannes SundloFullStack HT
Johannes MidtböCEO, Populum

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