A Smooth and Powerful Tool to Drive Impactful Change.

Empower your leaders to know which priorities bring the most significant improvements by listening to your people across the organization and enabling their participation in the needed change.

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Dialogues Made Easy, Decisions Based on Facts

Data alone does not generate improvement. However, data that is instantly analyzed, visualized, automatically delivered to the right person, and coupled with relevant recommendations and predictions empower impactful dialogues and the necessary change.

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Real-time results

The Populum platform automatically and instantly analyzes the data and clearly visualizes the results in relevant areas that are easy to dissect and dig into the details.

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Your existing data comes to life

Integrate your existing HR or payroll data such as country, gender, and age with freshly collected employee survey data to gain additional insights and a more detailed picture.

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AI-powered analysis and predictions

Leveraging AI to analyze comments, the Populum platform quickly extracts essential topics along with sentiment analysis in any language. With trend data, predictions such as risks for sick leave are made.

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Track your trends

The Populum platform ensures you keep your historic data for accurate trend analysis over time. Regardless of if employees leave or move to a different internal team, your data stays true to how it was at each point in time.

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Practical recommendations and guidelines for leaders

Leaders can leverage a practical, ready-to-use team meeting presentation with the measured results, recommendations, and discussion guidelines immediately after a survey has closed.

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Build a sustainable process

To rally the organization around selected focus areas and understand the development, you get insights into the entire organization, from team level to senior management. Automatic results-sharing builds ownership and a culture where teams no longer rely on the leader to make all necessary changes.

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Scientifically grounded

The Populum Employee Survey is built on the most established global management research, organizational psychology, and neuroscience. Nine research-driven focus areas are proven to best support a sustainable people strategy: clarity, efficiency, inclusion, enthusiasm, recognition, value, autonomy, development, and balance.

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Measure what matters to your organization

Use Populum’s proven standard setup or select your own focus areas based on your organizational needs. Whether you measure yearly, quarterly, weekly, or any other time period, you measure the areas important to your organization.

A Guided Tour

in the Populum Platform

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A Powerful Analytics Hub

Instant and ready-to-use analytics

No more manual data analysis: Select your ready-to-use insight from the automated library in seconds.

User-friendly organization of data

Easy-to-use and access for everyone, from HR superusers with full access to employees with access to individual and team dashboards.

Constant development

Discover more insights about your organization through new automated features continuously made available in the library. We continuously develop the platform to meet the needs of tomorrow’s organizations.

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One-Click Team Meeting PowerPoint Presentation

Save your leader’s time

Remove administrative work and allow them to focus on fact-based conversations and decisions.

Automated guidelines drive action

Practical guidelines and recommendations on driving the relevant improvement.

Your design

Designed according to your graphics guidelines. Perfect for both physical and virtual meetings.

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Understanding the Details

External benchmarking

Learn how your organization compares to the industry.

Internal benchmarking

Understand similarities and differences between teams.


Know what is going well now and what needs to be fixed.

Trend response

Learn how your organization develops over time and which changes work well.

Stay in control

Quickly spot and respond to the most significant changes within your organization.

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A Private Individual Reflection Dashboard

Personal and private recommendations for every individual

Understand the Individual vs. Team Status

Individuals keep track of their development and know current status compared over time and against aggregated team results. Individuals know their strengths and most significant improvement potential.


The individual’s data, the individual’s right.

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The User Experience

Intuitive and engaging design

A modern feeling and smooth participation to boost and sustain high response rates.

Positive psychology to trigger constructive feedback

A focus on the positive and asking, “How can this be improved?” keeps it practical for the teams and leaders.

Local language drives inclusion

Local question language supports inclusion and generates more correct data.

Text analysis

Smart, easily digestible insights from text analysis AI-tool.

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