AI in HR: 7 ways AI guides well-being and performance

by | Nov 30, 2023

“Today companies are dealing with a competitive labor market, high levels of turnover and workforce stress … Problems like diversity and inclusion, culture, and leadership development remain paramount, and HR teams are also worried about employee experience, productivity, and internal efficiency,” Josh Bersin writes.


1100x400-AI in HR

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After reading AI in HR, you will know of:
  • The 7 ways AI guides well-being and performance using your modern employee survey.
  • How to find the information you need to improve your EX in the areas you measure using the Populum platform.
  • Tips for how you can work even smarter with the help of AI.


Increasing access to technology and AI tools gaining a solid foothold create new opportunities for solving many of these people challenges.

For AI in HR, the key is visualizing the organization’s employee experience, providing people with smarter tools to enhance their work, and empowering leaders with relevant insights to make better decisions.


”We are very satisfied with this tool and appreciate a partner at the forefront of development. We should not have to think about things like this; luckily, Populum always thinks ahead. Something we value highly.”

Klas Wahlström, HR Director at Alligo

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