Populum.io celebrates 100,000 users by donating SEK 100,000 to Vi-skogen

by | Dec 16, 2022

Stockholm, December 16th, 2022 – To celebrate 100,000 users in the platform, Populum, a Nordic leader in employee surveys, donates SEK 100,000 to Vi-skogen. The donation means 4,000 trees are planted through Vi-skogen, helping people in East Africa overcome poverty and improve the environment.

Last year, Vi-skogen’s work contributed, among other things, to farming families increasing their income by 17%; reducing 120,000 tons of greenhouse gases; giving 51,928 people access to financial services; and enabling 46,116 farming families to use sustainable farming methods.

“At Populum, we work daily with digital organizational trees and help employees, teams, and organizations grow,” says Johannes Midtbö, CEO at Populum. “As we have reached a milestone of 100,000 users, we want to celebrate by supporting Vi-skogen with physical trees to help more people to a better life. With this, we also want to take the opportunity to thank all our fantastic customers who have contributed to making this happen.”

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Populum has chosen to donate to Vi-skogen, which applies the agroforestry method where crops and trees are grown together in agriculture. The method makes the soil more fertile and produces larger harvests, helping farming families grow more food for themselves and be able to sell the surplus.

“Many thanks to Populum for your valuable contribution to Vi-skogen,” comments Eva Åberg, Director at Vi-skogen. “Thanks to you, we will be able to plant 4,000 trees. In addition, Vi-skogen’s work in East Africa makes a big difference to families who make a living from small-scale agriculture. With your support, we expect that around 70 families will have the chance to learn how to use trees in agriculture as a natural part of farming sustainably and increase resistance to climate change. The method helps to overcome poverty and hunger in local communities that are currently being hit hard by the effects of climate change. In addition, trees in agriculture increase biodiversity.”

Populum’s digital platform measures the employee experience and delivers intelligent recommendations and insights to every employee, leader, and HR professional. Please find further information at viskogen.se and populum.io.




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