5 tips to gain more from your employee survey

by | Aug 30, 2022

Many managers, senior leaders, and HR leaders spend a lot of time understanding the well-being of employees and what may be in the way of performance. There are several ways you can work to understand your employees. Here are five tips for when using a modern employee survey as a tool to continuously track and know the employee experience:

Blog_5 tips för att bättre förstå medarbetarupplevelsen

  1. Measure topics that are proven to have a positive impact on your organization
  2. Ensure your data is automatically analyzed and clearly presented
  3. Avoid walls of comments
  4. Direct focus based on the measurement results
  5. Use smart recommendations

Organizations work differently to understand the employee experience, with your way of working and the existing technical possibilities influencing you. Essential to consider when using a modern employee survey are:

  1.  Measure topics that are proven to have a positive impact on your organization – If you do not measure the most relevant areas and ask the right questions, it is difficult to get a clear picture of your organization’s employee experience, regardless of how much time you spend collecting data. Neuroscience and management research show that the driving forces behind employee engagement can be divided into nine areas. By continuously measuring these areas using modern technology, you quickly uncover a broad picture of how your employees experience and engage in their workplace.
  1. Ensure your data is automatically analyzed and clearly presented – When you work with large amounts of data and regular measurements, the results must be automatically analyzed and presented visually to understand and quickly act where needed. You also need the possibility to analyze the data deeper. Valuable insights from automatically analyzed data immediately after the measurement is closed quickly give you the status of your employees and the ability to focus resources in time.
  1. Avoid walls of comments – Free text comments can provide valuable insights. At the same time, free text responses can require a lot of work to analyze. AI-based comment analytics uses the latest technology to analyze and clearly present the answers, giving you a better focus and more time to work with the result. The comment analytics must be built to automatically analyze text in different languages, as employees must be able to write in the language they are most comfortable communicating.
  1. Direct focus based on the measurement results – A critical success factor in today’s constantly developing organizations is prioritizing resources where the need and the return are the greatest. Instead of immersing yourself equally in all parts of the organization, you should start by examining how the different teams are performing, their well-being, and what is in their way of reaching their goals. Once you know, put focus and resources in the most relevant areas. Access to continuously updated data for high-performing teams means you can lift and continue to build on what works well.
  1. Use smart recommendations – Using an employee survey that offers recommendations to teams based on their measurement results makes it easier to act on the results. When all leaders have support for how the follow-up dialogue is best conducted, it is easier to discuss and understand how the team can maintain the positive and develop areas of improvement. With automatic and customized recommendations, the employee, the team, and the leader gain concrete tips on development measures and how the group continues to build on its strengths.

Successful organizations today use modern employee surveys to gain a clearer picture of the employee experience, work with small improvements on an ongoing basis, and highlight and celebrate what is going well. A modern digital employee survey enables you to spend time on what is more important than collecting and analyzing data; act on the insights from the measurement results. When you know how employees experience their work environment, you can take the next step forward together and achieve your goals more efficiently and with a more successful organization.

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