The Future of Work Life

by | Nov 15, 2021

“The Future of Work Life” is a study about the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on our work life. The study is based on interviews with over 100 HR leaders in Sweden and was developed in 2021 by Populum in collaboration with Sweden’s HR Association.

The foundation changes, againThe Future of Work Life -21_EN

Working life has changed several times as a result of megatrends in society. In the last 250 years, society has faced industrialization, automation, the democratization of the labor market, globalization, urbanization, transition to a service economy, and strong digitization. The changes have affected, for example, working methods, hours, tasks, and place.

In 2020, working life changed faster than in the last 250 years. One day, office workspaces were packed up, and new home offices were built. Covid-19 broke the previous trend towards open office
landscapes where spontaneous meetings and creativity would flow. Digital meetings replaced physical ones.

In the Future of Work Life, Sweden’s HR leaders explain the effects the pandemic has had on their organizations and:

  • highlights lessons learned,
  • explains reasons why remote work will continue to a large extent even after the pandemic,
  • tells us what challenges the changes brought about and
  • gives suggestions for solutions going forward.

Read the full study:

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